An Amazing Abundant Life

Time to get out of the rat-race and enjoy your blessings...

Posted by William Ribblett.

Feb 17, 2017
Close your eyes for just a moment. Take a deep breath and feel the air fill your lungs and expand your chest. Look inside your brain and feel yourself lying in a hammock. You are feeling the warm air flowing around your lightly clothed body and you exhale all the dry air from your lungs and inhale the moist warm ocean air. You open your eyes to see a budding palm blowing gently in the breeze bordered by a blue sky with billion gold white clouds. The nearby ocean plays a rhythm with the waves splashing on the shore and you turn to fell the luxury around you.

This is your reward for all the miserable days of traffic and work struggles. You have been set free and you feel all that God intended this creation to be. You have found your place in perfection.

Every day away is a day of abundance, blessing your soul with God's essence. The Garden of Eden is no myth, it is here with you and a part of you.

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