Hi Everyone!

I’m William Ribblett, known to my friends as “Bill”. I have had an outstanding life which some have considered tough, or hard, but I have loved almost every moment, every event and almost every person I have met.

I grew up in poverty.  Born in 1942, I lived through the war years of the 40’s and early 50’s, the Eisenhower 50’s in some foster homes, the Woodstock and “hippy” years of the 60’s and early 70’s which were my education years, and my work years of 1965-2015. So needless to say I have a lot of experiences to draw from.

I retired from my Education career in March 2015, having a few health problems that got me a new start in life from freeing up my blood-flow, first with a stint and then with a 5 artery bypass operation.

Throughout my learning, earning and now my yearning years, I have had the benefit of people around me who have made every day a great day. My wife, my five children, and my relatives made me realize the value of true friendships. I have a new family who has added to my abundant life and improved my lifestyle. Take a look:

Yep, that's us-Zukuil.  Zukul is an easy to use, powerful marketing suite, an affiliate marketing and cryptocurrency investing suite and a binary options platform as well as an MLM affiliate program.

Zukul will soon be a one-of-a-kind arbitrage, crypto-trading and mining platform. So if you are selling products online, Zukul is for you. If you want to invest in trading fiat to crypto, crypto-to-crypto, buy gold, or trade in bynary options, Zukul is for you.

In this post I would like to show you how you can start a business for yourself and finally live the abundant life that you deserve.
1. Join the family of Zukul  for free to look around, or as an affiliate for a payment of $15 per year! This gets you access as an affiliate where you can net 4 levels of commissions. (I explain this inside ZUKUL) or summarized here in this 8 minute video  


2. Register in the Zukul Automatic trading robot for a fee of $10 per month (actulally it is 10 units to address those who don't use USD as their fiat currency). You pay the fee in BTC. The $10 package allows you to invest up to $300 (units) to make unlimited results. Register here. Click here.

Here are a few of my 25 robots and see the results so far. 
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3. You can ignore Zukul offerings and just purchase your own robot we made to allow those who want to Trade Options in Currency, crypto-crypto currency, commodies like gold silver and oil, and selected stocks to begin trading.  Here is the link to purchase use of a robot for up to $1,500 trading ability.  Here is a link to see the robot http://bit.ly/2FEtoZ7.  The robot is easy to set up.  See how here.

To see some strategies on how we make money using the robot for trading currency here is the inexpensive-half-priced (pre-launch offer) book that I recommend http://bit.ly/2Scl7lR​ 
I make a nice supplemental Retirement income with what I know from being a part of Zukul and I am glad to help anyone get started on their roads to success.