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Making an income that gets me to financial freedom in 2016

Posted by William Ribblett.

Feb 29, 2016
I thought I'd share with you in today's post my thoughts on why those facing retirement age need to have a source of money separate from the planned retirement source.  Some in USA depend on Social Security, a fund they and their employer put money into with the promise of an annuity payout at a date set by the system. No one can live comfortably in today’s economy on this annuity monthly amount. Prices continue to rise and mere basics to live are priced way beyond the ability of those on SS to afford. Many end up living with family and/or being a burden to someone or to a charity.

The statistics in USA are that 95% of people reaching retirement age are either dead or dead broke. This is appalling. However, if one has a place to live, has a computer and an internet connection, one has a way out of this situation.

There have been so many scams and frauds online that many are reluctant to try an online business to get an extra income.  Many have tried and 98% of those trying have failed. The 2% who make a lot of money have done it on the backs of the failures.  Many times taking the very money needed in retirement from them. Fear captures the ones who have tried and failed to the point that they become suspicious of anyone claiming they make money online and refuse to try it again.

I am proud to say that I have found a friend who, like me, failed so many times online, losing thousands or maybe tens of thousands of dollars chasing that dream of financial freedom, who finally found a way to end failure and give a way out for the 98% failure group. He started a tool shed of things needed to build an online business and called it Zukul (zoo-cool). It contained a tool to make landing pages and banner ads, an autoresponder, a link shortner and tracker, a social media posting tool, a Facebook ninja for posting in Facebook and a traffic source. Zukul available for its first year, had a lot of signups since he priced the tool box at a price everyone could afford for such amazing tools, but in its first year, the business went nowhere. It didn’t grow beyond the original signups. The people who joined Zukul could recruit, but not retain their signups since they could NOT recruit. So duplication which plagued most online businesses, was found to be near impossible. And if one can’t recruit, retain and teach others to recruit and retain members more failure happens.  Thus it looked like the Zukul business would be doomed like others online.

But then it happened. Jeremy Rush, the owner of Zukul thought “…I can recruit for my members! But then How do I retain them as members and solve the retention issue?”

He then analyzed the problem more.  What was needed was an advertising budget so he could recruit the best prospects.  But then once recruited, how do you keep them as members, was the next problem? And, how do you keep an affiliate program and advertising program solvent without charging more than most people can afford?

Then it hit Jeremy: Zukul was already reasonably priced maybe I could use Zukul as the hub of a business. It already had a great pay plan for affiliates. It had one of the best training programs already to go, it had the best internet tools offered anywhere, and it already had a list of struggling affiliates. But he knew to attract new people he had to come up with more.

Jeremy decided that he would recruit for everyone, convert them to paying members and make them available to his members. So the next thing he had to decide was what do I charge for Quality traffic to feed the affiliate system? An$49.95 seemed to be a reasonable amount.  This would mean that for less than $100 a person could own a business that could pay its own expenses for building it into a money maker for the owner. He decided on a commission payout so that with the first three signups, the monthly cost of Zukul was covered and when those first three signups got their three, the owner would be in profit. This problem of profitability was solved for the new owner.  The problem of an advertising budget was solved for the new owner. The problem of retention was solved since duplication was built into the system-everyone coming into the business funnel paid for three signups so the funnel had a self-growing source. The problem of making enough money was solved by making each person’s funnel ten levels or a potential of 59,046 members. One purchase of 3 signups would make an owner a comfortable income in just a few levels being filled. To make the income increase faster Jeremy decided to allow multiple pack (3 members) purchases.

This was the funnel for the 1 $49.95 purchase:
(I decided to buy 15 packs of 3 signups and have had 4 filled so far. My level 3 is almost finished filling and my level 4 has members.  So far Feb 29, I have 39 members funneled into my payline and there are still 11 packs [33] directs to be filled).

So people could decide what level they wanted their business to get to be comfortable. If it took 5 years to get the funnel filled by people purchasing packs and joining Zukul, a $56,192 monthly income is more than one could wish for working a job for 40 years. I started October 24, 2015  so 128 days later I'm on my way to $1,892 monthly income.  Where else can you build a solid base like this? Not a get rich sceme, but a solid business and solid income that just keeps increasing as people get added for me.

As a retiree on a fixed income now for 11 years, I needed a residual income to supplement my income.  ZUKUL is the answer to my prayers. I now have financial freedom and since I'm stupid when it comes to the internet. and 98% of the work is done for me, I see success.  My business is being built as I just "Like", "Comment" and "Share" the daily ad which Zukul team writes for me.


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