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Is Your Business Making a Profit?

Posted by William Ribblett.

Jan 27, 2016


ASK YOURSELF These Questions:

1.  What did I do today to BUILD my business?

    Did I fall for some "Get Rich Quick"scam in getting started? Or have I planned for a business to make me a residual income that will last as long as I need it? Just like one's body, which has to have nutrients each day to replace dying cells and live a long, healthy life; a business that gives you a residul income, to guarantee you a bright future, needs effort each day to not only keep it at the level it had when you started it, but to make it a better success. This may even require additional money out-of-pocket injected in growth. And, like one's body the effort one gives to the business each day needs additional effort to supplement its strengths.  This is why choosing a team as a supplement to help in building your business is important. Part of your effort in business is not only to find the right team, but to provide leadership to that team to move the business in the direction your dream envisioned. Think about this: it took Google 12 years to reach monster success and is still working to sustain that success with new people, new ideas and new product divisions and additional leadership. So one must always be thinking what should I do today to build a business success like Google? As well as, what do I need to plan for today to handle future successes? And, who can I recruit to my team to assist in reaching my goal for my business?

2. Have I made an honest effort to BE CONSISTENT in building my business    

    Each day you feed a healthy body 3 meals per day to remain in a healthful state; you exercise regularly to stay at peak health, and you make yourself aware of supplemental needs to strengthen where you have weaknesses. So ask yourself the question: Am I making an effort to be consistent in examining my business to see what I need to do regularly, what routines I need to set up for each day to keep it strong and what do I need to do to supplement weaknesses in my ability to accomplish my goals. When Canadian Olympic Star Jamie Sale  started at age 5 to ice skate, she dreamed of being an Olympic champion. Through a lot of sweat, practice, coaching and many tears, at age 23 she became the Olympic Gold Medal winner, at the Winter Olympic Games. Examining what effort one needs to do each day to reach their goal for their business is time well spent. Many successful business owners find that just 15 minutes to 1/2 hour each morning or on the night before each day, planning the agenda for the following day, accelerates business success.

3.  Am I making use of all the RESOURCES available to succeed at what I want to achieve?

    You can have all the talent in the world, but business will struggle if it does not have the talents of others and some subtle advantages over like businesses to help it achieve a high level of profitability. Whether you chose a brick-and-mortar business or Internet business, the conditions that move you to success are similar. Achieving success at school, in a marriage, as a parent, as an athlete, an entreprepreneur, a professional or a business owner, all take training, consistent time, and hard work, plus the help from others. Being in the RIGHT PLACE, prepared and ready to go, as well as being there at the RIGHT TIME, with the RIGHT PEOPLE, take planning, focus and resources to make it happen right. These are the resources of a successful person and business. Make use of them by planning and setting your blueprint for success.

Many have found success in an online business called Zukul. Why Zukul? In early 2015, was just like any other business online until the owner Jeremy Rush, after struggling to find the formula to success, realized that he couldn't succeed because 98% of his signups couldn't do what he could do-recruit paying customers. They could not replicate his success. In September 2015 he found the answer.  If he did all the hard work of recruiting and replicating the recruiting process for every teammate in his business, they too could build a business. He found the way to recruit and retain paying members, and created the system that would replicate that process.  The answer was using his knowledge of the adverizing world to get paying customers, he would get paid signups for everyone who shared the cost of advertizing in the most productive places at the lowest possible cost (under $1). Plus, to eliminate the high cost of quality advertising, he would have everyone share the cost, thus reducing the cost for each to less than $50 one-time. This small fee would build a system that would eventually recruit paying members for each teammate ten levels deep, or 59.046 members in each pay funnel at no further cost to each member. The plan worked. Zukul became the hub for streams of income and success for every teammate, which ended the dropout rate in traditional MLM online businesses.  This is why I recommend Zukul to all my friends and business partners. Guaranteed success can't get any better.

Of course there is no promise to get rich quick since every member has to get up to 59.046 potential members and this recruiting process takes time. No business can guarantee that every person will succeed. Zukul is a franchize business, and the tools in Zukul are the finest for building any business and are included in a $50 per month membership cost that is more than paid by the first 3 paid signups commissions. So in effect the business tools are free. The business is a solid business, with guaranteed signups, quality resources, a team in each funnel relicating what you did to get success and a plan for future residual income that can last a lifetime.

Just think, a teacher must get a Bachelor's Degree, some a Master's and a Teaching Credential which all takes about 6- 7 years to complete before making any income. A plumber takes a 3-4 year apprenticeship to start.  A nurse 2-3 years of college or university training and then yearly qualification requirements. Starbucks and McDonalds took years to accomplish a franchizing system.  Only the internet can allow you to succeed in a short time making a residual income that can last for a lifetime. Patience is needed to see the system build the residual income expected and in Zukul's case guaranteed. Isn't it time for you to begin your income-for-life plan? 

You can begin here! Guaranteed! Click this link to get your future started.