Why is a Healthy Brain Important?

Your Brain is the most important organ of the body. Take good care of it.

Posted by William Ribblett.

Dec 25, 2015
The human body has over 75 trillion cells, and each has a specific function. Scientific research has shown that many of these cells die and are replaced every 28 days. Cells have to become energy factories to provide the body with youthful vitality, functioning optimally every moment of every day.

As one ages, mankind has to take responsibility for keeping the cells structure and function a factor to slowing the aging process or risk dieing at a young age.

So much emphasis today has been on restricting things like diet, exercise and taking medicines and supplements. Maybe we should instead focus on what the body needs and rather than think restricting, think replenishing. What do we provide our cells in the way of what each may need? Just knowing our cells requirements is reason for us to be concerned with what nutrients we provide our body with to continually rebuild and reproduce healthy cells that are turned over each day.

Have you analyzed the needs of your body’s requirements, of what you can do to supply the body’s needs? Your nerve structure? Your Skeletal structure? Muscular connections? Your arteries and veins flow patterns? Your organ’s functions and needs? Your brain functions and ability to think and reason? How about your hormone balance and what chemicals organs produce to keep body functions at optimum level? Well most don’t think about these things because most of these processes take care of themselves automatically. What most of us are guilty of is neglecting to think about what we put into our digestive system, what we do in movement, how we assist cells in their natural functions or how we respect our body’s ability to fight all the negative combatants fighting to kill us, including what we do to ourselves.

Think as you eat that donut with your morning coffee what is going on in the digestive process to provide building material for the cells being replaced, and what energy healthy cells need to replenish our energy and feed our muscular, mental and skeletal structures. Sure the sugar goes right to the cells driven by the shot of caffeine, but it disseminates quickly and what is left for the cell to use in rebuilding? Do you know what nutrient rebuilds a new cell if that one you just jolted with energy is about to die and be replaced? Or are you letting he body down by not being responsible and giving the cell and the rebuilding factories the nutrients they need to keep the process going, thus shortening your life or letting you brain cells die a little more?

I asked at the beginning of this article “Why is a Healthy Brain Important”? The answer lies in the analysis of the nutrition one gives to the body processes.  The brain controls every function of every cell.  Every organ, every bone, every muscle, every nerve, every vein and artery. Yet we do not pay attention to what we provide it to keep every brain cell at its optimal function? Every brain cell has between 2 and 2,500 mitochondria that produce energy to send messages and order the other cells of the body to do their jobs. Researchers have recorded evidence that the brain cells of a 70-year-old have 50% weaker mitochondria than those of a 50-year-old. This should tell us something. As we age we become less concerned with our nutrition for building healthy cells.  We quit listening to our body functions due to depleting brain cells that we have neglected over time. Many fall to Dementia or Alzheimer disease when the cells of the brain fail us.

Science has developed supplements to assist the brain in remaining healthy. One highly recommended company is Brain Abundance. They have also provided a tested supplement for children to assist in helping the brain functioning properly even with such childhood ailments as ADHD and ADD.
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